Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You can't win em all

[subtitle: David takes down Goliath]

The golfing world is all agog over Tiger Woods' shock loss at the P.G.A.

Yes indeed, Tiger Woods is human after all

CHASKA (AP) --­ The scene seemed surreal, mostly because somehow we never expected to see it. Tiger Woods had been so great for so long that the idea of anyone — much less the late-blooming son of South Korean vegetable farmers — coming from behind to beat him when it really mattered bordered on preposterous...
Woods, raised from birth to be the best player ever, led after all three rounds and was so good on Sundays at majors that this one seemed like little more than a victory lap. Yang, who took up golf at age 19 only after tearing up his leg while trying to become a bodybuilder, was in qualifying school last year and had never sniffed the lead before at a major championship.

But it was Yang who kept calm even though he could barely sleep the night before because he was so excited by it all.

[after the game, this is what Tiger has to say]

"I played well enough to win the championship," Woods told the media. "I did not putt well enough to win the championship today. I didn't get it done on the greens, and consequently, I didn't win the tournament."

[strange that Tiger has words only about himself, and nothing about the game of the guy that beat him on his own game. I guess it's ok, he is the best golfer in the world after all]

[now listen to this guy Y.E. Yang]

"I wasn't that nervous, honestly, because it's a game of golf," he said through an interpreter. "It's not like you're in an octagon where you're fighting against Tiger and he's going to bite you or swing at you with his 9-iron. The worst I could do was just lose to Tiger."

[and from another news feed

He took the lead for the first time all week by chipping in for eagle from about 20 yards short of the 14th green. And when it looked as though nerves were getting the best of him, on a three-putt bogey at the 17th, he delivered his two most important shots.

Yang still had enough strength left to hoist his golf bag over his head, and later the 44-pound Wanamaker Trophy. [what follows I think is his next two most important shots...] After a long and tearful embrace with his wife, Young Ju Park, he walked across a bridge saluting thousands of fans who couldn't believe what they saw.

[and all I can say is...awesome!]


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