Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Curb brain deaths instead

UN body urges the use of contraceptives

MANILA, Philippines—The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-Philippines has urged the use of contraceptives to curb the increasing number of maternal deaths as the world body celebrates safe motherhood week.

UNFPA Representative to the Philippines Suneeta Mukherjee called for an immediate “universal access to contraception” which could cut by 25 to 40 percent cases of maternal deaths.
Here we go again [sigh]. Why even stop at 25 to 40% ? What about the remaining 60 to 75% of maternal deaths ? Just let them die ?
Brain dead, are we ? Why not prevent pregnancy altogether by whatever means ? Now that would cut maternal deaths by 100 percent, right ???

Regarding universal access to prenatal care...oh, never mind.


matthew archbold said...

They don't really care about people. It's all about ideology.

WillyJ said...

Matthew, it figures.
On-the-Ground China Investigation Re-Confirms UNFPA Complicit in Coercive One-Child Policy

Manny said...

This is more braindead talk from the propagandists at the UN. They conveniently forget that the real cause of over 90% of maternal death is the lack of basic obstetric health care facilities and trained personnel.

Below si teh text of a letter I wrote to Cebu Daily News. it is somewhat related to this topic.

Contraceptives Won't Lower Maternal DeathsIt is totally deceptive for Elizabeth Angsioco, secretary general of the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN), to cite the country's maternal death rate as a reason to pass the so-called reproductive health bill ("Pro-RH bill groups to light candles", CDN, 05/13/2009)

The World Health Organization has said that the great majority of maternal deaths in the Philippines could be prevented by simply providing adequate basic and emergency obstetric health services along with trained midwives and health workers. The lack of these is the real cause of high maternal mortality rates, not childbirth, which is an absolutely necessary human activity.

The RH bill, on the other hand, mainly funds artificial contraceptives and methods. The bill's provision of "reproductive health services" is mostly limited to the distribution and support for such devices. In other words, the bill does NOT address the problem of poor basic services and trained personnel at all.

The RH bill ignores the real causes of maternal death while wasting resources on a non-problem. It is as if RHAN and the authors of the bill are intent on treating pregnancy as a disease (which it is not).

There are many other preventable and treatable diseases for which the poor cannot afford medicines. These include heart and vascular diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, and diabetes. But the bill wastes the people's money on contraceptives which do not treat any real disease (since pregnancy is not a disease),

If Ms. Angsioco is really serious about lowering maternal mortality rates, then she should ask that lawmakers actually fund medicines for real diseases instead of wasting it on unnecessary artificial contraceptives.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Manny.

- TE

WillyJ said...

Maybe zombies would agree with UNFPA, RHAN, and their ilk. oops.