Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Siren voice means she's fertile

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 09:01:00 10/08/2008

PARIS -- A woman raises the pitch of her voice during her most fertile period of the month in an unconscious boost to her femininity, according to a study published Wednesday in the British journal Biology Letters. A pair of scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) asked 69 women to make voice recordings when they were at high and low fertility points in their menstrual cycle. The closer a woman was to ovulation, the more she raised her pitch, the investigators found. ...The difference was the greatest on the two days preceding ovulation, when fertility within the cycle is the highest... Conversely, a vocal shift towards hoarseness has been found at the time of menstruation.


Great. Now we can add a new scientific technique for fertility observation in Natural Family Planning - BOM.
So the next time the wifey yells at you (in a high pitch, mind you) , it may be a come-hither signal in disguise.

Unless she's holding a rolling-pin.


Romy said...

Hi Brod Willy! Kumusta na. I've reviewed my links and drop by your site. I found this article which is related to the idea I submitted for Google's Project 10. My submission is the development of a system attached to mobile units (i Pods, cellphones, etc)that would detect the levels of fertility hormones in women. I called it "fertilitimeter." I think it can be done and is a good gadget for natural family planning. What do you think?

WillyJ said...

Hi bro Romy. I know of only 1 such machine that does the job. It is an expensive and complicated apparatus that can only be operated by a certified operator and takes urine samples. If such a fertilimiter gadget can indeed be developed, it would revolutionize NFP. That's a great idea bro. Count me in as an investor :-)
God bless.

Romy said...

Thanks bro. You can vote on this idea once voting will start by January 2009. Google promised to allocate $10M to make the idea into reality once selected. You can also submit your ideas bro.

WillyJ said...

Sure bro, I'll check it out. Thanks!