Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Savior/Ike Chronicle #2

Received from DC:

As soon as it was safe to venture out last Saturday morning after the
> hurricane, I went outside to check the damages and my number one concern was
> the tree that was on top of my car trunk. After a horrific night, the
> thought of being trapped and not being able to haul ass if we have to was
> very uncomfortable. I got my hacksaw (works better on wet wood) and was
> starting on the smaller branches when this Hispanic man parked his truck in
> front of my house and asked if he could help me. Of course my first question
> was how much he was going to charge me. I was prepared to pay because I know
> there was no way this hacksaw can go through the tree trunk, I was just
> going to cut as many small branches as I can and put the damn car in reverse
> out of there. But he said there's no charge, he just wants to help me. So I
> said, sure.
> He went at this fallen tree with the chain saw and was quite adept at the
> instrument, I could swear he does this for a living. He had the precision of
> a Benihana chef attacking a pile of shrimp but with the grit and
> determination of one who just had a bad job performance review that morning,
> you know what I'm saying? My next door neighbor commented that this man was
> really a savior this morning. I said, freakin' eh. Every house in the
> neighborhood have either fallen trees or big tree branches in their front
> yard and this man chose to stop at mine. Not content with that, he went up
> the roof and took care of the other half of this tree, once again cutting it
> to pieces for easy disposal, even asking for a broom and trash can so he
> could sweep up.
> It took him a while and after he was all done, I shook his hand and of
> course thanked him profusely. I asked him what his name was, I thought it
> was just a polite thing to do. He said his name is Jesus - quite a common
> name in Spanish influenced countries, the Philippines included. (Come to
> think of it, I have never met a white dude named Jesus.)
> Now, I know what you are thinking: Ha, ha, I know Jesus is a savior but I
> did not know He comes down from heaven with a chain saw when you need Him.
> But that is not it. I also asked this man if he lives in my neighborhood,
> thinking that is the reason he helped me. It would then be possible for me
> to return the favor later. But he said he lives across town.
> I thought, how could that be. How could he make it to this side of town so
> soon after the hurricane when the roads are impassable due to fallen trees,
> billboards, lightposts and what have you. Even if he found a clear road all
> the way, he still would have to have left while the storm was still raging
> to get here so early. I could not see that happening but since I could not
> think of any reason why he had to lie about that fact, I just let it go.
> My next question of course was: "What are you doing in this side of town in
> this weather?" And his answer was: "Oh, I just came over to check on my
> younger brother." With that said, this man in black shoes, black pants and
> black T-shirt turned around, washed his hands in a rivulet of flood water
> and boarded his black Nissan truck. He gave me a faint smile, a short wave
> and drove off. As I turned to gather the pile branches, an eerie realization
> came over me. Wait a minute, I did have an older brother named Jesus.
> He died a few years ago.
> DC

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