Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Association of the Elderly

As Parish coordinators of our parish Family and Life
Ministry, one of our projects is to organize our elderly parishioners. We thought of organizing them to form their own support group,
providing focused support for their spiritual, physical
and social well-being. They formally organized recently by selecting
their initial set of officers.

We started out by conducting once-a-month informal assemblies every 2nd Saturday of the month, after hearing the 6am Mass. We partake of some morning snacks, then our parish priest provides some inspirational talk (as usual, laced with a lot of jokes) and then some sharing, fellowship and prayers. Most of the attendees are of the over-70 age group, but you can't tell judging by their energy and enthusiasm. Once I brought along a D.I. and we spent a couple of minutes swaying those sprightly limbs and hips (be careful now, take it easy...) to the tune of some funky music.

Now, every assembly, they are going at it with much gusto.

These folks are cool. I just love them.

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